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About Us

Rudra House was founded in 2000, but this website is a recent move in response to the repetitive request made by our remote customers who are unable to travel to Nepal every year. The sole purpose of this e-commerce is to bring the blessings of God & Goddess in the form of genuine Rudraksha beads and sacred stones right to the door of its worshippers.

The founder of this website, Ashish Modi, was born and raised in Nepal, a country that is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha and a place where millions of worshippers of Lord Shiva come every year to give a visit to Pashupatinath temple. Ashish comes from a family that strongly believes in the presence of God and the use of beads and sacred stones to live a life full of joy and happiness. Hehas over 17 years of experience helping people make the right selection of products to live a healthy and happy life. The company, Rudra House, is located in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal.




Rudra House