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Rudraksha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the name RUDRA (Hindu God Lord SHIVA) And Aksa (Eye).It is a large evergreen broad leaved tree whose seed is traditionally used for prayer beads in Hinduisum.Rudraksha seeds are covered by an outer shell of blue when fully ripe and turns black when dried, Rudraksha seed grows in three to four years. Rudraksha bead has got various number of natural lines on it which is called face or mukhi.Each face have got its own power .Rudraksha is found in Himalayan in Indonesia,Malaysia,India and mostly found in Nepal.Rudraksha is also used for treatment of various diseases in traditional Indian and Nepali Medicine ,In Nepal 2 to 21 face are available with some unique Rudraksha which has proved to solve many human life problems,

Shaligram representation of Lord VISHNU in the form of spherical,Usually black coloured stone found in the sacred river gandaki In Nepal.
Also known as Holy Basil is closely associated with origins of Shila worship.According to the VISHNU had reunited with his wife,Also wanted to Lord Vishnu's consort.Once in anger Saraswati cursed laxmi.Sarasvati's curse changed Lakshmi into a Tulsi plant and forced her live on earth forever.Vishnu,however,intervenend and modified the curse,saying that Lakshmi would remain on the earth as Tulsi until the river Gandaki flowed from her body.In the meantime ,he would wait by the riverside in the form of a stone to take her back to his abode,This stone was the shaligram shila,

Both are same in meaning. Mukhi is called in Hindi and Face is called in English but are same.

Before using any rudraksha we need to make all the power to get  Jagruk .( activate ).Rudraksha  Deep rudraksha in cow milk (not boiled) or Gangaajal (holy water) then chant  the mantra Om Namo Shiva 108 times ,this process can be done on Monday in Morning before using Rudraksha.

"YES".Anyone can used rudraksha depending on their problems or needs,girls.women,man,child ,,anyone.

Both are original.If rudraksha float in water that mean it is not fully developed and need to put in ghee or in any oil for one week to make it fully developed or strong whereas if rudraksha sink in water that means it is fully developed so no need to put in any oil or ghee.

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Shaligram have got many names in form of Lord Vishnu is known in the Hindu pantheon .Some of them are as--


Purushottama,Adokshaja,Narasimha,Achyuta,Janardana,Upendra,Hari,Krishna,Vasudeva,Budha and many more

1 gram have 5 Carat where as 1 gram have 5.5 Ratti.

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