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Special Rudraksha Malas

Medicated Rudraksha Mala

This five face rudraksha mala is special rudraksha mala for wearing or chanting,,,

USD $25

Maha Rudraksha Mala

BIg size of Rudraksha size Rudraksha is good for temples and Prey.

USD $700

Ordinary Rudraksha Mala

Ordinary Rudraksha mala is common Rudraksha mala you in chanting mantras..

USD 5 2

Kantha Rudraksha Mala

Kantha Rudraksha mala is used to make priest welcome or to make give in temples.....

USD $15

Maha Ardhanareshwar Mala( Two Face Mala )

This Rudraksha mala representing Ardhanareshwar. Husband and wife are equal in and are nothing without each other.

USD $120

Maha Saraswati Mala (Three Face Rudraksha)

This Rudraksha mala is a symbol of Goddess Saraswati. It provides the wearer with knowledge....   

USD $140

Maha Brahma Mala (For Face Mala )

This Rudraksha is symbol of lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe, Earth, and all living beings.This rudraksha mala is made of Four mukhi rudraksha

USD $140

Maha Kartikeya Mala (Six Face Mala )

Six face Rudraksha mala is a symbol of Lord Kartikeya, Lord Kartikeya is a leader of Gods,the one who chant or wear this rudraksha mala will always play a role of leadership and will always win in every situation.

USD $120

Maha Laxmi Mala ( Seven Face Mala )

This Rudraksha mala has got seven mukhi (face) rudraksha beads.A devotee of Lord Shiva is blessed by Goddess Laxmi.

USD $220

Maha Binayak Mala ( Eight Face Malai)

Eight face Rudraksha mala is symbol of Lord Ganesha. It gives the wearer all kinds of attainments Riddhi and Siddhi. ,,,

USD $325

Maha Nava Durga Mala (Nine Face Mala)

This Rudraksha mala is a symbol of Nava Durga, destroyer of evil and protector of people ..

USD $350

Maha Govinda Mala (Ten Face Mala)

This Rudraksha Maha is symbol of Lord Govinda (Vishnu). Wearing this mala or chanting this mala will give blessing from Lord Vishnu and it makes Lord Vishnu happy from its devotee ...

USD $400

Satya Narayana Rudraksha Mala

This Rudraksha mala is made of Rudraksha called kamalakhya (kamal or lotus ) incarnation of Lord Vishnu in form of Rudraksha.


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