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Rare Rudraksha

Sidhi Gauri Shanker Ganesh Rudraksha

Sidhi Gauri Shanker Ganesh rudraksha is most rare rudraksha among rudraksha ,this rudraksha Is gaurishankar rudraksha but including Ganesh rudraksha together .

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Sixteen Mukhi Gauri Shanker

Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha itself is very rare and in Sixteen Mukhi Gauri Shanker is very rare and power in Rudraksha...

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Kartikeya Ganesh Rudraksha

This Rudraksha has got two trank on it .One symbol of Lord Ganesh and another Lord Kartikeya.

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Binayak Rudraksha

Binayak Rudraksha is one of most power Rudraksha -It has got it trunk in right hand side so it become very special rudraksha.

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